Why Join

We pride ourselves in being a progressive and training focused organization. Our priority is to train our members to the highest levels possible in order to keep them and the community safe during emergencies. The members of the Harmony Fire District are a family; we look out for one another and constantly work to better each other. It truly is a great experience and we would love for you to join us in serving our community and those of our neighbors!

The Firehouse Family

When you become a member of the district you aren’t just joining the fire service, you are joining a family! We joke, laugh, work, play, train, and rely on each other. It is not uncommon to spend time together outside of the “workplace,” in fact there are many family events that the Auxiliary hosts to bring the members, their families, and even the children together. By strengthening our bonds with one another we train harder and provide a higher level of service for our community and those of our neighbors!

Free Training

Our commitment to training is a top priority of the organization. We cannot provide excellent service to those that rely on us without continually striving to better ourselves as individuals and as a team. We conduct training three Mondays a month and provide the funds and means to participate in additional outside training. Whether you’re coming in with little to no experience or are a seasoned firefighter, the sky is truly the limit! We pride ourselves on providing our members with what they need to succeed and reach their personal and professional goals!

Progressive & Active Fire Dept.

We are a very progressive and active district that covers approximately 50 square miles of first due area made up of residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural communities. Additionally, we have mutual aid agreements with a large group of neighboring fire protection agencies in our area in which we respond on their first alarm for structural fires and vehicle accidents. We are continually striving to improve our response times as well as our incident management and mitigation capabilities. We pride ourselves with following the advancements in the fire service and continually update our education and methods to provide the best service possible. For instance, we are part of the “SAFER Group” which is comprised of our five closest mutual aid companies which work together on training and incident responses.

Incentives for Active Members

• On-site Exercise Equipment
• Local Gym Discounts
• Discounted Cell Phone Plan
• Local Municipality Tax Breaks
• In-house Incentive Program
• Member Events