Join Us

We are a proud, training-centered, progressive fire district. Our priority is to train our members as much as possible to keep them and the community safe during emergencies. The Harmony Fire District is a family and we do everything we can to protect one another and provide awesome benefits to serving the community that we live in, and our neighbors.

The Firehouse Family

When you come our department you are joining a family. We joke, laugh, work, play, train, and lean on each other. You are not just a person that volunteers spare time to the community but a member of our family. We hang out together and our kids play. By strengthening our bonds together we train harder and provide excellence for the community, our neighbors, that we volunteer for!

Free Training

Just as important as our family atmosphere is our commitment to training. We cannot provide excellent service to our neighbors without continually striving to better ourselves. We train three Mondays a month in-house and provide all funds needed for additional training acquired elsewhere. Anyone, from newbie to advanced, is welcome and will be provided with what they need to succeed.

Progressive & Active Fire Dept.

We are a very active district that covers approximately 50 square miles of town and rural community. This does not include all of the mutual aid departments in our area that we are called to at the first alarm. We are continually striving to improve our response times, incident management, and fire control. Recently we created an initiative called the SAFER Group to help with this goal. It is a group of our closest five mutual aid departments and we regularly meet and discuss incident protocols and train together.

Incentives for Active Members

-Gym on premises

-Snap Fitness membership discount

-Cell phone plan discount

-Local municipality tax breaks

-In-house program to incentivize hours volunteered with apparel, tools, and more